Got Dental Implant Anxiety? We Have Sedation Options

Dec 14, 2022
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Getting dental implants can create a lot of anxiety. Find out how sedation dentistry can help you manage your stress.

Tooth loss is an avoidable but increasing reality for millions in the U.S., with 69% of adults between 34-44 having lost at least one tooth and over 30 million Americans missing all of their teeth in one jaw. Dental implants are a popular solution to missing teeth, and with a success rate of 95%, the results are both stable and long-lasting for many patients.

Despite this, many people struggle with anxiety about dental procedures, including implants, and avoid going to the dentist as a result. Whether you have dental implant anxiety or other phobias about visiting your dentist, we can help. Dr. Alecia Hardy and our skilled medical team at Frisco Dental Implant Center offer all levels of sedation dentistry for those in the Frisco, Texas area. 

To find out more, let’s first look at what dental anxieties are, why a dental implant procedure can cause them, and how sedation dentistry can help.

Understanding dental anxieties

Some people who come in for dental work may not feel more than mildly nervous about a procedure that includes needles, drills, or other tools. Yet, dental anxiety or dental phobia can result from a number of different issues: a fear of needles, a previous traumatic experience involving the mouth, trauma from abuse, trust issues, or the feeling that working in the mouth is an invasion of personal space. This makes it difficult for some people to come to appointments, or make them avoid ever going, depending on the severity.

Why dental implants can cause anxiety

Studies show that a person’s level of dental implant anxiety is tied to their level of overall dental anxiety. Whether or not you choose to go through with dental implants will affect your health.

How sedation dentistry can help

Sedation dentistry gets you calm and relaxed so you’re in a good place when the procedure starts. The type of sedation depends on your level of anxiety regarding treatment. Some methods allow you to be conscious but relaxed. With other methods, you will be unconscious for the whole procedure. Here are the sedation options:

  • Oral conscious sedation: With this method, you take an anxiety-reducing medication about an hour before the procedure starts. This makes you completely relaxed yet conscious when things are about to begin.
  • Nitrous oxide: Often called laughing gas, nitrous oxide is inhaled through a nosepiece or mask and calms you within minutes. 
  • Intravenous (IV) sedation: Sedatives are sent directly to your bloodstream through an IV. They help you fall asleep quickly and stay that way throughout the treatment.
  • General anesthesia: Often used for severe cases of dental anxiety, this method also has you asleep for the whole treatment.

We offer sedation dentistry using these methods. Based on your level of anxiety, we can find a solution that works and gets you the implants you need. 

If you have dental implant anxiety, we’re here to help. Make an appointment with Dr. Hardy and the team at Frisco Dental Implant Center today to get started.