Dr. Alecia Hardy Moved to Frisco, Texas

May 22, 2022
Dr. Alecia Hardy Moved to Frisco, Texas
For Dr. Alecia Hardy, dentistry is a way of life. Her move from Louisburg, North Carolina to Frisco, Texas was years in the making...

For Dr. Alecia Hardy, dentistry is a way of life. Her move from Louisburg, North Carolina to Frisco, Texas was years in the making.

Find out the story behind the woman who changes people’s lives every day and how she came to live in Frisco.

Back to the Beginning

It all began for Dr. Hardy as a child in her father’s dental office holding patients’ hands. She learned the importance of creating a relaxing, calm environment for people undergoing sensitive procedures. She also saw the difference one procedure could make in someone’s life.

As years passed, her desire to work in the medical field burned brighter and led her to the MED program at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. There, she was faced with a crucial decision—whether to become a dentist or a heart surgeon. Both are admirable professions that dramatically impact people’s lives.

While at the university, Dr. Hardy met and studied with an oral surgeon who inspired her to follow in her father’s footsteps and become a dentist. Eventually, she joined her father in the very practice where she had helped as a young girl.

A Dream is Born…and Realized

During her time as a student, Dr. Hardy shadowed a dentist in Dallas and fell in love with the city. The energetic, family-friendly area called to her. After working at her father’s office, she finally had the opportunity to move to Frisco, Texas, and establish her own practice. Frisco seemed like the perfect spot—plenty of community activities and within driving distance of Dallas.

Finding a home as well as a place for her office was a challenge. Over the course of a year, Dr. Hardy made several trips from North Carolina to Frisco to handle the myriad of details. But all the time and effort paid off with a cross-country move that landed her exactly where she wanted to be.

Frisco Dental Implant Center

Dr. Hardy’s new practice, the Frisco Dental Implant Center, offers the community a full-service dental office that uses the most advanced technology to improve smiles and resolve many health issues, from periodontal disease to sleep apnea.

For Dr. Hardy, the digital side of dentistry, such as digitally guided implant surgery, is the most fascinating. But seeing happy, satisfied clients after successful procedures is the most rewarding part of her job. She sees firsthand the life-changing results that dental work has on people’s personal and professional lives.

Miraculous Transformations

Patients that were withdrawn and embarrassed about their appearance become happy and outgoing after their teeth are fixed. They no longer shy away from a camera or that next job interview. Others who have difficulties eating healthy food can enjoy the simple pleasure of biting into an apple.

Dr. Hardy’s motto is “Your teeth and gums are never too bad to have the smile you’ve always wanted.” She brings that positive attitude to work every day and shares it with everyone who walks in the door.

A Safe Haven

Just as she learned from her father as a young girl, Dr. Hardy still works to make patients feel comfortable and give them the best possible experience. People with a paralyzing fear of the dentist’s chair find solace in her office with the help of a professional anesthesiologist. Patients who refused to visit the dentist for years are now regulars at her office because of the genuine care and consideration they receive.

She also does everything from root canals to cosmetic work, so patients don’t have to travel to multiple places. Dr. Hardy simplifies and streamlines treatments, so people can get the maximum benefit in the shortest time with the least amount of stress. In some cases, patients can walk out with new teeth in just one afternoon because, in Dr. Hardy’s words, “It is important that you do not go without teeth.”

Life Outside the Office

When she’s not in the office, Dr. Hardy enjoys exploring Frisco’s many restaurants and shops. The area is ideal for her active lifestyle that includes long-distance runs, weightlifting, and Pilates. After the day is done, there is nothing better than curling up with a good thriller movie.

Looking to the Future

Since Dr. Hardy moved to Frisco, Texas, she has established a highly successful dental practice, but she also continues to dream bigger. A larger staff that is skilled in using the latest technology will make the Frisco Dental Implant Center even more efficient in caring for the people of her beloved town.

There is always someone else who needs a helping hand in discovering the smile and life of their dreams, and Dr. Hardy is happy to turn those dreams into reality.

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