5 Reasons Dental Implants Are the Superior Choice for Replacing Missing Teeth

Sep 29, 2022
 5 Reasons Dental Implants Are the Superior Choice for Replacing Missing Teeth
A missing tooth is more than just an embarrassment — it can compromise your oral health, too. Fortunately, dental implants are a permanent, effective way to restore healthier mouth function. See how dental implants could be the best solution for you.

More than 120 million Americans are missing at least one tooth. Whether due to injury, surgery, or periodontal disease, missing teeth are very common — and they’re something you should take seriously.

A missing tooth leaves a gap in your smile, but did you know it puts your other teeth, your jawbone, and your overall oral health at risk? It’s true! Fortunately, dental implants can beautifully address all of these concerns.

Alecia Hardy, DDS, and our dental team at Frisco Dental Implant Center specialize in permanent dental implants. If you have a missing tooth (or several), it’s time to learn the best benefits of dental implants.

1. Dental implants are permanent

In the past, your dental restoration options consisted of dental bridges, partial dentures, and full dentures. These restorations fill the gaps left by missing teeth, but they’re all removable prosthetics — which means they can shift or rub and rarely feel completely comfortable in your mouth.

Dental implants are a permanent, stable solution for missing teeth. When you get an implant, we surgically place a titanium post into your jawbone and attach an artificial tooth on top. Your jaw grows around the rod, creating a sturdy base for the tooth so it never moves out of place.

2. Dental implants look natural

The top part of a dental implant is the crown. Unlike other artificial teeth that can look discolored or fake, dental implant crowns are tooth-colored and custom-made.

We carefully choose the perfect color, size, and shape for your implant crown. Once your implant is in place, the crown sits alongside your natural teeth and blends in seamlessly to fill out your smile.

3. Dental implants feel comfortable

Missing teeth can make chewing and talking more difficult. And while bridges and dentures fill the gaps from missing teeth, they can shift, slip, and rub when you’re trying to use your mouth. 

Discomfort is a major drawback of restorations like bridges and dentures, and one of the best benefits of dental implants is enhanced comfort. Once the implant post fuses to bone and the surrounding tissue heals, it’s anchored in place. An implant functions just like a natural tooth, so you can eat all of your favorite foods and speak clearly.  

4. Dental implants protect your other teeth

Your teeth work together every time you chew and speak. If you have missing teeth, the gaps change the way your teeth and mouth function. Your other teeth may suffer increased pressure and wear, putting them at risk of damage and decay.

Dental implants help restore healthy mouth function. Your implant rebalances pressure on all of your teeth when you bite and talk, and filling the gap helps reduce the risk of other teeth shifting out of alignment to fill in the space.

5. Dental implants stimulate bone growth

Your jawbone holds your teeth in place, and healthy teeth keep the bone strong. When you have a missing tooth, the bone in that spot begins deteriorating because the tooth is gone. Bone loss can spread over time, loosening nearby teeth and changing the shape of your face.

A dental implant inserted into your jaw works like a natural tooth root to maintain a stronger jawbone. The implant gives your jaw something to grow around, which encourages healthy bone growth and better oral health.

Do you have a missing tooth or teeth? Dental implants are a superior solution for restoring your smile. Book an implant consultation with Dr. Hardy and our team to find out more. Call our Frisco, Texas, office at 214-833-9115 or make your appointment through our convenient online form.